We believe culture is how our leaders and managers commit to decisions, how each and every team member works without supervision, it is how we qualify and attract talent, and how we run a healthy work environment. Our culture is best represented in 11 values below:

be proactive: it means being accountable for your work, thinking and acting ahead of anticipated events, not blaming others for one’s success or failure.

identifying the problem is good. Solving it is great: identifying what is the right problem to solve is as important as solving it. At Epsilo, we value both. It’s inevitable that sometimes we know that there’s a problem to solve. If you need to figure out the solution, it may take time. Instead, sharing it across with a detailed explanation of why it’s important to solve it, then we will solve it altogether.

raise the bar: Now our customer is satisfied with our product & service. You will think "What's next?'' To make them sticky to us, we need to be the disruptor and think as if we are at day One. Else, competitors and new startups will substitute one day, and another startup will substitute us one day. We need to re-calibrate performance and quality regularly, find improvement, propose a solution and get it done.

know your numbers: we want to be a data-driven organization. We use data to make decisions, to prove things right and wrong, to prove our concept and our performance, and to navigate all the conflicts that we may have.

work backward: we put value and the promise that we commit to our client first and foremost and work backward from there. We start from the objective, the vision, the press release, the promised land, and work backward from there.

be client-centric: we prioritize decisions that strengthen our promised value to clients. Then our culture. Then quality, the scale, then speed, then cost. This order and prioritization will ensure that we can deliver our promise over time, not only today but tomorrow; not only for this client but for others.

work hard: it does not mean long hours. You can go home and take care of your family, but when you’re here to work, you’re disciplined, professional, and focused. You should also be competitive, determined, resourceful, resilient, and gritty. Take this job as an opportunity to do the best work of your life.

be collaborative to thrive as one: it’s not about you, but about us. Being collaborative means providing leadership from everywhere and from everyone. Collaborative people know that success is limited by the worst performers, so they are either going to elevate them or have a serious conversation.

pursuit speed and quality: if we can break down things right, scope, and prioritize things right, then we can pursuit speed and quality at the same time. It’s a matter of discipline, decisiveness, sense of urgency.

take ownership: we use numbers and facts to explain our thoughts and progress and back up our decision, and we take accountability for what we do. At Epsilo, decisions are broken down and delegated, and the decision’s owner needs to make it with conviction.

slice and dice, and close the gap: we are not perfect. So do our business and market. But we will be there one day if every day we just make a small advance, small improvement, small innovation.

  • Edouard Delvaux

    Head of Sales

    “ Start ups that strive to make a difference create significant positive impact, exactly what I noticed Epsilo was doing for Reckitt Benckiser where I led e-commerce division. Today, I proudly support Epsilo’s GTM efforts to democratize e-commerce ads ”



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  • Edouard Delvaux

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